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Post  Admin on Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:51 pm

People may think we are not a party for Canada and we cannot represent this eWorld, well, that's not true. See, blacks aren't as populated in USA. Nor is Latino. But they have a voice. So do we.
We have voices of our own, whoever we may be, and wherever we may live in. World is represented greatly and most wonderfully by the diversity of our great society.

And that is to say eWorld and the World itself is diverse. ACC (Anime Commons Canada) represents "various distinguishable characters, promoting cultural diversity and activity, and sanctuary for those who seek simply a good community with intentions to CREATE community."

Our Party will be driven by this model. To create a community and to manage it through EVERYONE'S participation. Christian or Muslim, atheist or agnostics, ACC is guided by our desire to relate and communicate so to create an ultimate commons for all diverse people.

Everyone is free to create their own platform. We are not communist, or organized party. We are community representing community. Please take part in our communal crusade for healthy social hierarchy!

Everyone from the WORLD is welcome!
Everyone from PEACE G.C. is welcome!
Everyone from EDEN is welcome!


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