Banach for Prime Minister December 5th

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Banach for Prime Minister December 5th Empty Banach for Prime Minister December 5th

Post  Banach on Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:15 pm

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”
-John Quincy Adams, Statesman

Hey guys!
Some of you may know me; lots of you haven’t had the chance to yet.
I’m just stopping by to introduce myself to your party and get the word out that I am running.
Last time I ran a campaign was in October 2008, a bit more than a year ago. Back then I got elected by a landslide.

Unfortunately to a series of problems in my real life, and the terrible change of the game to V1, I admittedly acted immaturely and left office. I understand that this is just a game, but at the same time, many people commit a lot of time to it. I myself, through these almost two years of playing it consider myself a more mature, well learned individual than I was before.

I reach out a hand of friendship to all of you and hope to that my platform and cabinet will be viewed with interest and constructive criticism.

As far as a CV or qualifications go, I’d rather not go there. It’s sufficed to say that I’ve held every possible and impossible post in Canada, and probably have the most experience in Canada than any other individual. (You may challenge me on that).

I am a man of honour, dignity and live for the people. There is nothing I like more than to give back to others and help them enjoy the game. I sold my q5 house so others can have food. I’ve sold my newspaper so others can fight for our country. I’ve given away everything I have so that the next generations feel they have someone who cars for them and that they are accepted.

My mandate is that of progress. I’m a level headed individual who will study the situation in the nation, debate it, propose new ideas, and then implement new strategies. I am a very cooperative individual, and I try my best to present myself as a mature individual.

No one is perfect but since February 6th of last year I’ve been working my hardest to turn this game into an enjoyable experience for Canadians.

Cheers and expect a platform and a cabinet soon.

If you are interested in being in my cabinet, you may get advanced placement if you apply in the next week. If not, cheers,, and you will be approached by me if I feel you’d make a great addition to our team of responsible individuals.

Thank you all for listening,


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Banach for Prime Minister December 5th Empty Re: Banach for Prime Minister December 5th

Post  Banach on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:17 am

~~~~~~~~~~December 5th Peace Time Cabinet~~~~~~~~~~~`

Prime Minister's Office

1. [Prime Minister] Prime Minister-> Banach

The Head of State and Government, Commander in Chief of the national army and chief executive of Canadian ministries and crown corporations.

2. [Deputy Minister]Secretary General-> [Approached]

In charge of reviewing the performance of the cabinet every two days and to make sure the platform is being fulfilled. Replaces the Prime Minister

A. and B. [Government Official] Press Secretaries-> Alias Vision (PR) and ICamero (Comms)

Deals with public relations issues and is the main communications tool of the government.

C. [Government Official] Parliamentary Liaison-> Jacobi

Ensures that parliament and the PMO are always on the same page. Analyzes the issues of Parliament on behalf of the Prime Minister.


War Room

3. [Minister] Minister of Warfare -> Ramizeth

In charge of supplying, organizing, training and maintaining the Canadian Armed Forces.

D. [Non-Appointed Officer] Chief of Staff-> Coda

E. [Government Official] CAF Laison-> JT Vanguard

The main strategic analyst to the Prime Minister and the leader of the Canadian Armed Forces and any other attached military units.

F. [Non-Appointed Officer] CSIS-> Marcchelala

The private Canadian security network that organizes missions and controls the nation's safety. Primarily concerned with threats posed by foreign espionage, organized crime and international terrorism, but also performs background clearances in support of Canadian immigration policies; appointed.


Public Works Department

4. [Minister] Minister of Social Services-> Jbdivinus

In charge of health, education, immigration and national disaster management.

5. [Minister] Minister of Internal Affairs-> Treian

In charge of reorganizing the eCanada forums for maximum efficency, administrating and updating eCanadian IRC channels and serving as a security liaison for the government.

6. [Minister] Ministers of Public Affairs-> Alaricus

In charge of cultural relations and local diplomacy, and promotion of Canadian arts, culture and media in both languages


National Revenue Department

7. [Minister] Minister of Finances-> Ralph de Ver

Responsible for national monetary policy and, for all financial matters, acts as primarily liaison between executive ministries and Congress. Maintains economic monitoring, analyzes industries, taxes, and advises on taxation policies congress. In concert with Ministry of Industry, implements policies to regulate, manage and develop the national economy.

8. [Minister] Minister of Industry-> Citizen B

Operates Crown corporations, including employing workers, stocking products, building strategic inventory, creating profits and fulfilling national industrial policy goals. Acts as liaison between industry and government on issues of taxation, international trade development and economic development. In concert with the Ministry of Finance, implements policies to regulate, manage and develop the national economy.

G., H. and I. [Government Officials] Economics Advisory Board -> Alexander Rearden, Neil III [TBA]

Advise the PMO directly on taxing, inflation, trade and employment as a counterbalance to the judgment of the Ministers of Finances and Industry


Foreign Relations and Trade Department

9. [Minister] Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade -> Chucky Norris

In charge of maintaining a network of ambassadors and establishing fair trade deals with other nations.

10. [Minister] Canadian Alliance Delegate-> Sara Droz

Specifically in charge of membership issues and training battle participation for Canada. Maintains relations, represents the PMO in meetings if plausible.

11. [Minister] Minister of Intelligence-> Derek Harland

In charge of acquiring public information concerning foreign actions and on interpreting and preparing solutions for any game changes admins make.


Executive Committee

J., K., L., M. and N. [Government Officials] Party Representatives->

Canadian Social Democrats,Democratic Action League,Canadian Progressive Front,Canadian Paradox Party,Canadian National Coalition

An avenue for parties to communicate with the government and each other about malpractices, possible communication improvements, complains about government intervention or queries into government relations or practices concerning parties.

12. [Minister] Auditor General-> Cypher Rahl

Tasked with watching over actions of government and surveying transactions. Oversees budget to ensure transparency and accountability.

13. and 14.[Ministers] Directors of the Justice Department-> Goran Thrax (Constitution) and Scrabman (Congress Advisor)

Tasked with working on the Constitution and other laws and being a judiciary liaison between the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court.

15. [Officer] JTF 17-> Taiwan Panda

Like all Ministerial positions, The JTF 17 Officer has the ability to appoint a deputy. This position has liquid policy, and works closely with the Minister of Intelligence, as well as with CSIS, Canada's espionage agency. A small budget will be used for effective international operations sanctioned by the government.



1. I will not be following any sort of guideline for picking my ministers. It will not be a forced division between parties. If I end up picking 90% from DAL, or 90% from CPF, or 90% from CHAOS, its because the individuals are qualified.

2. The posts will be filled in the coming weeks. I am, and will be communication with potential ministers. I have two-three persons in mind for each post, whether its a ministry position or not.

3. Deputies are available for Ministers to pick on their own accord. Only [Minister] ranks and the [Officer] may select a deputy to work with. Deputy must be approved by PM, and is then considered part of the cabinet. Max one deputy.

4. Special Ministry Position

[Minister] Ultimate Ass Kicker and Banach Enthusiast-> Emerick

In charge of simply slightly more or less cooler than Banach. Also must admit, on a daily basis, that Banach was the better international writer when it mattered.



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